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Lunch Time Classes

12:00pm Midday At The Studio

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lunchtime classes at the studio!

Calling all working from home workers or those who love to get their workout fix during the day.

We offer a 45 min class Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays every week at MIDDAY.

Pilates, Fitness and Yoga flow so you can hit all your fitness needs along with the perfect balance of de stress and breath awareness. Book now for your free trial! 

Pilates & Core – Smash your way through a core strengthening, flexibility improving 45 minutes of exercises.

Fitness – From body weight to band resistance training you’ll hit your target focus. 

Yoga Flow – Find your body, breath and balance flowing from pose to pose during this lunchtime flow fix.

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LocationDayStart TimeEnd TimeStyleClassBook
Spirit, Mind & Body StudioMonday12:0012:45PilatesPilates / Core 45Book Now
Spirit, Mind & Body StudioWednesday12:0012:45FitnessHatha - LunchBook Now
Spirit, Mind & Body StudioFriday12:0012:45YogaLunch yoga flowBook Now

Frequently asked questions

In very simple terms, yoga is a system for bringing balance into your body and mind. It involves the physical practice of yoga postures called asanas, and breathing exercises called pranayama. Yoga also includes meditation, self-enquiry and the study of yoga philosophy. 

Hatha yoga is one of the main forms of yoga and many other yoga styles derive from it, so it’s a great place to learn the foundations and names of the poses. We offer a Welcome to Yoga class which is a great place to start. 

Practising yoga has loads of physical benefits: it creates a flexible, toned and strong body and improves breathing, energy and metabolism. Yoga may improve circulatory and cardiac health, as well as fitness levels, pain and posture. It also has benefits for your mental health, making you happier, more balanced and emotionally calmer. It may help you relax so you can handle stress better. Yoga encourages self-confidence and helps you to focus your energy. 

We have a fully equipped studio and you may use our mats. Wear something comfortable you can easily move in, ideally layers so you can adjust for comfort throughout your class. 

One is a holistic discipline originating from ancient India, the other a specific physical system devised by a German anatomist in the early 20th century: while there might be a lot of cross-over between yoga and Pilates, the two are inherently very different.

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